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December 2018 Russell Cruickshank $100 Starbucks Gift Card
November 2018 Anne Albert-Pedro Casa Loma Family Pass
October 2018 Ali Jesmi 1 Ultimate Airport Tour Pass
September 2018 Irena Rostkowska Starbucks gift basket
August 2018 Xiaomei Li 2 Admission Passes to MarineLand
July 2018 David Monk 6 Admission Passes to the CNE
June 2018 Peter Bean Toronto Stand Up Paddleboarding Lesson for 2
May 2018 Tracy Wells One Adult Zipline & Canopy Tour
April 2018 Chantal A Mau 5 Free Admissions to Archery District Toronto
March 2018 Anne Kirkpatrick One month Unlimited Yoga Pass
February 2018 Mandeep Gulati 2 Purple Rain Spa Certificates
January 2018 Cindy Tang 2 Tickets for The Second City Toronto
December 2017 Surender Pal 1 complimentary family pass to Casa Loma
November 2017 Wendy Money Extreme Escape Experience for 2
October 2017

Michael FitzPatrick

Kira Wilkinson

Raymond Lu

1 Paintball Voucher (each) for 1-20 Players
September 2017 Andrew Tron 2 Vouchers for Bad Axe Throwing 
August 2017 Rachel Tennant 4 Passes for One Segway Spin
July 2017 Beryl Wu 6 Admission Passes for the 2017 CNE
June 2017 Rich Maloy Toronto Stand Up Paddleboarding Lesson for 2


Random prize draw takes place on the last Friday of each month. Users who have logged their activity at least once in the last 28 days of each month will be automatically included in the monthly prize draw. Users who have registered an account on the Active Switch Program but have not logged their activity will not be included in the monthly prize draw.