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Check out the following resources that will help you add more steps to your day:

Ready to use monthly calendar with tips:
Walktober Month Calendar with tips
Customizable monthly calendars (blank):
Walktober Month Calendar


Use the step conversion chart to calculate your steps for ‘non-walking’ activities. 
If you add just 2,000 more steps a day to your regular activities, you may never gain another pound. For more interesting facts, click here.
Use this walking tip sheet to help squeeze more steps into your day and help you reach the 10,000 step mark. 



Log your walking steps online during Walktober to earn your virtual Walktober medals:
• Bronze Medal: Hit 30,000 steps
• Silver Medal: Hit 50,000 steps
• Gold Medal: Hit 80,000 steps
• Platinum Medal: Hit 100,000 steps





Please check out our Communication Toolkit that will help you promote Walktober to your network and encourage participation in this campaign.



Click here to download the tip sheet for information on how to promote walking at your campus.



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