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First-Last Mile Trips

Connect to Public Transit

Although it may not seem to be the case, using public transportation is often tied with using active transportation. Consider the “first/last mile problem” – how are you travelling to the first transit station of your journey and how are you getting from your last stop to your final destination? In all likelihood, you will have to walk or cycle to fill at least one of these gaps.
In addition, although it may be unrealistic to use active transportation due to the  distance of your trip, many people have enjoyed great success incorporating active modes of transportation into long journeys by walking to a further bus stop or getting off a stop early to reach their destination. Understanding this connection between transit and active transportation can potentially be the motivation that you need to engage in a healthier lifestyle.
Use this page to access online information provided by local transit services to better help you stay fit as a public transit user. Using these resources, you can find not only information about schedules and routes but also potentially useful information about connecting with active transportation (i.e. bike racks on buses).

Public Transportation in the GTHA


  1. Greater Toronto & Hamilton Area Region Transit
    Click here for GO Transit information

    City of Brampton
    Click here for Brampton Transit information

    City of Burlington
    Click here for Burlington Transit information

    Durham Region
    Click here for Durham Region Transit information

    City of Hamilton
    Click here for Hamilton Street Railway Company (HSR) information

    Milton Transit
    Click here for Milton Transit information

    City of Mississauga
    Click here
     for MiWay information

    Town of Oakville
    Click here for Oakville Transit information

    City of Toronto
    Click here for Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) information

  2. York Region
    Click here for York Region Transit information