Walktober: October 1 – 31, 2017






Active Switch Challenge: July 11 – 17, 2016



Active Switch Challenge - Thank You


A big thank you to everyone that participated in this year’s Active Switch Challenge from Monday, July 11th to Sunday, July 17th, 2016!

 A total of 210 registered users from 46 workplaces and campuses helped reduce 9,594 kilometres of vehicle travel and 2,192 kilograms of greenhouse gas emissions from entering the atmosphere.    









Congratulations to Noah Eldridge from Municipal Property Assessment Corp.
 for winning two round trip tickets to Europe! 

ASC winner

This year’s grand prize is courtesy of Transat.

Noah’s Story

Noah Eldridge’s walking commute started in February 2010 when he broke an ankle.  Noah got a cast, healed and did all the foot exercises he was supposed to, but while he had no pain, his two ankles didn't feel the same.  Noah couldn't say anything was wrong, but each ankle felt different.

In 2011, Noah and his family went to Disney World for March break, which involved a lot of walking.  At the end of each day, everyone was exhausted, and Noah’s feet hurt, but he noticed his two ankles finally felt the same.

When he got back from vacation, Noah decided to just keep on walking, so he walked the 3 km to work that morning.  Then the 3 km home again.  Noah has walked just about every day since then, rain or shine, snow or sleet.  He has seen actual temperatures as low as -24C and as hot as 38C, and that’s not including wind chill or humidex!  But if one is prepared for the elements, it's really not that bad.  It takes Noah about 35 minutes to walk the 3 km each way.

By summer 2013, Noah had lost a total of 62.5 lbs thanks to all the walking and also a diet app he started using along the way.  Noah has been walking to work for over 5 years now, trying to keep the weight off.

Noah joined his office's Active Switch Challenge to contribute to the office green commute endeavors, and out of curiosity to see how much he was saving in greenhouse gases.

To Noah’s surprise, not only does he enjoy his walking trips to and from work, now he gets to also enjoy a trip to Europe!



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